About Us

High-Quality Electrical Appliances
at an Affordable Price!

Established in 2015, DPL Lanka has already built a strong reputation as a supplier and distributor of high-quality household appliances and electrical items in Sri Lanka. The very fact that the brand name ‘Lexco’ is already a household name is a testimony to our emphasis on offering our customers with the best available products at an affordable price.

All employees at DPL Lanka are experienced and highly customer-oriented individuals passionate about leaving no stone unturned in delivering excellence to our customers.

The DPL Lanka management team is spearheaded by some of the industry’s most experienced individuals counting many years of hands-on experience in delivering customers with only the best and nothing less.

Our Product Development, Technical Support, and Operations Teams work hand in hand to consistently deliver high-quality products. These teams constantly conduct research and development initiatives to ensure that we source the right products at the right price. Our Sales and Distribution teams ensure island wide delivery and service.

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